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Pastor Communique

Pastor Communique

A Note from Fr. Matthew for the week of November 6, 2022

Posted by Kenny McLaughlin

A Note from Fr. Matthew

“Too short to be saved”

In her book Calmly Plotting the Resurrection, minister Donna Schaper reflects on a poem by the New Hampshire poet Donald Hall:

Hall, Schaper writes, “went into his grandfather’s attic and found many, many boxes, one of which was filled with ... Read More »

Happy Easter!

Posted by Michael Michael Roberts

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in the risen Christ and Our Lady,


Christ is risen, indeed He is risen!  Over the past several weeks, we’ve heard plenty of bad news.  Public Masses have been canceled, schools have been closed, nursing homes have been placed on lock-down—life, as we ... Read More »

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Michael Michael Roberts

Merry Christmas!  How beautiful to hear this greeting on the lips of people everywhere.  Though some feel they're not allowed to use this greeting and sheepishly say "Seasons Greetings," I feel we are more resolute than ever in giving each other the more ancient greeting "Merry Christmas."  Christmas is ... Read More »